Jacuzzi Retailers Explain What Is The Ideal Hot Tub Temperature For a Relaxing Experience

When you purchase a new hot tub, you’re buying so much more than just a tub. Mesa swim spas are an investment in your long term health that contributes to your overall vitality and well-being. You’ll get the most benefit from your hot tub when you use it regularly. This means that getting it set to the perfect temperature is a key part of getting the most out of your hot tub experience. In this guide, you’ll find answers to some questions and concerns about how to find the sweet spot in your hot tub’s temperature, so it can effortlessly become the best part of your daily routine.

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How Warm Should My Hot Tub Be?

The ideal temperature of a Gilbert hot tub will vary from person to person. You’ll want to consider factors such as age, health, and personal preference. Some additional guidelines are:

  • Set The Temperature No Higher Than 104 Degrees For Adults:

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, temperatures over 104° F can be dangerous because they can cause heatstroke, an increased risk of drowsiness, and even drowning. Children and pregnant women should stick to 100° F or lower. Healthy adults may be most comfortable in the 100°-102° F degree range and should limit their soaking time to about 20 minutes.

  • Start Low, Then Gradually Increase The temperature As You Get Used To It:

Start your Mesa swim spa thermostat to 98°-99° F when you first use it. As you soak, you can gradually increase the temperature to whatever feels comfortable but not too hot. If you feel overheated or need to get out within a couple of minutes, the water temperature is too hot and should be decreased.

  • Consider The Preferences Of Everyone Who Will Be Regularly Using Your Hot Tub

Remember that children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with health conditions need a lower temperature than a healthy adult can handle. Set your hot tub to a lower temperature if needed, so that everyone can safely enjoy their time in your spa.

How Long Will My Spa Take To Warm Up?

The first time you fill up your new hot tub, allow 18-24 hours for it to reach 100° F and be ready for use. After your complete the initial set up, you’ll want to keep your tub ready for hydrotherapy and enjoyment by keeping it at the perfect temperature. Set your Mesa hot tub thermostat to your ideal temperature, then cover it with your heating conserving cover so it is always ready for you to use. Consider purchasing a spa with an insulated cabinet and custom covers for the best energy efficiency.

How Much Will My Utility Bill Increase?

When you purchase a Mesa jacuzzi, you’ll learn that utility costs will vary depending on which model you choose and how you use it. But you can feel confident that your quality hot tub is made to be energy efficient so you can have peace of mind with a low operating cost.

When Should I Change My Hot Tub’s Temperature Settings?

A “set it and forget it” approach is certainly the most convenient. However, for the sake of energy efficiency and the longevity of your Gilbert swim spa, you’ll want to consider decreasing the water temperature periodically, such as:

  • When you’re using your hot tub for exercising, such as stretches or yoga
  • When it’s very hot outside, you have a fever, or are already feeling warm from exertion
  • When there will be other people in the tub who need the temperature to be reduced

What Temperature Is Best For Hydrotherapy Or Arthritis Relief?

Remember that a soak in a Queen Creek hot tub is good for you! The tub’s heat has multiple health benefits, such as improving blood flow and joint flexibility, making it is a great option for relief from the pain of arthritis. If you’re looking for additional relief, you can also try stretches and exercises designed to be done in a hot tub. It’s best to set your temperature fairly low, around 100° F, and gradually increase it to your comfort level if you’d like it a bit warmer.

Can I Use My Hot Tub To Cool Down?

Yes! If you keep your Queen Creek swim spas at a cooler temperature below average body temperature, your deck is sure to be a popular spot to hang out during the warmest summer months! Hot tubs covers are designed to hold heat in the water, so leave your tub uncovered if you want to quickly reduce the temperature. Consider purchasing a tub with a cooling step.

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