Maximus Hot Tub Overview

The Summit From The Marquis Crown Collection
Seats: 8 Adults

The Maximus hot tub from AZ Spas & Patio is a spacious model intended for up to eight individuals, featuring one lounger and seven seats. It boasts 84 powerful jets, water features, and LED lights. With 3 x 2HP pumps, it delivers strong jet pressure, ensuring exceptional hydrotherapy. The Maximus also incorporates a 3kw heater paired with the AZ Premium Shield insulation to maintain warm water temperatures.

Quick Specs

  • Jets: 84
  • Dimensions: 102.36″ × 86.61″ × 37.01″
  • Weight: 992.08 lbs (450 kg)
  • Pumps: 3 x 2 HP
  • Power Supply: 32 amp

Exclusive Features:

  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Rotational jets
  • Individual seat pressure controls
  • Stainless steel jet casings
  • Directional jets
  • Superior Aristech Acrylic finish
  • Hand rolled fibre glass shell
  • Three colour choices
  • No maintenance cabinet
  • High impact moulded ABS base
  • No kink PVC plumbing
  • Underwater flood lighting
  • Waterline lighting
  • Corner panel lighting
  • Ozone water clarifying system
  • High density lockable spa cover
  • Premium multi-layer insultation
  • Balboa control panel
  • WiFi app remote control
  • Steel Frame Construction


The Summit Available Durashell Colors - Alba

Sterling Silver

The Summit Available Durashell Colors - Alba

Midnight Canyon

The Summit Available Durashell Colors - Midnight Canyon



The Summit Available Cabinet Colors - Granite


Maximus Hot Tub Options

Crown Environments™ Entry Steps And Benches

In Control

At AZ Spas & Patio, we exclusively incorporate top-tier components, which is why we’ve selected the globally renowned Balboa as our control system provider. Each hot tub from AZ Spas & Patio is equipped with Balboa heaters, control panels, and control boards.

The Maximus Hot Tub utilizes the TP700 control board. Featuring a color screen and directional keypads, users can easily navigate through settings and customize their Maximus Hot Tub to suit their preferences.

Jewel™ Lighting With Adjustable Multicolor LEDs

Platinum Liquid Effects

Our AZ Liquid Effects enhances your hot tub experience with our innovative use of LEDs. Featuring a variety of mood-lifting multicolored LED lights, you’ll enjoy your evening spa sessions with the AZ Illumination as the sun sets.

The Maximus Hot Tub comes equipped with:

  • Waterline Lighting
  • Corner Panel Lighting
  • Underwater Flood Lighting
ControlMySpa® Wireless System For Remote Hot Tub Management

Bluetooth Sound System: Platinum Melody

There’s no better way to relax than with a soothing massage while enjoying your favorite music, radio station, podcast, or book, and our AZ Melody system makes it easier than ever.

This premium Bluetooth system comes standard in all models and is incredibly user-friendly. Just search for and connect your smartphone or compatible device to the hot tub’s Bluetooth, and you’re ready to unwind.

Optional Microsilk Oxygen Body Facial For Your V94 Hot Tub

Energy Efficient Insulation

With the AZ Premium Shield, heat is directed back inward, allowing for the recycling of wasted heat generated by the pumps and other components. This recycled heat helps maintain temperature through heat transfer via extensive plumbing, ultimately reducing overall operating costs.

Additionally, the use of new foil-coated cabinet panels reflects cold air out of the hot tub while bouncing heat inward, providing a dual advantage.

You should notice a significant improvement in heat retention within the hot tub, as well as a reduction in energy costs.

Optional Microsilk Oxygen Body Facial For Your V94 Hot Tub

WiFi Enabled Controls

WIFI-enabled controls are an optional feature that can be added to any AZ Spas & Patio hot tub.

The Balboa Worldwide App (bwa™) is a smartphone application (compatible with Android™ or iPhone®) that enables you to access your hot tub via a direct connection. You can connect to your local Wi-Fi network or anywhere in the world with an internet connection to your smart device via 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi hotspots.

With the bwa™ app, you can ensure your hot tub is ready whenever you want to take a dip. Instead of going outside and pressing buttons on the topside panel, the app allows you to start the hot tub and adjust settings from your smartphone or tablet. The app provides full interface control, allowing you to set the temperature, turn pumps on and off, and even schedule filtration cycles.

Optional Microsilk Oxygen Body Facial For Your V94 Hot Tub

Aristech Acrylic

We utilize high-quality Aristech Acrylic in all AZ Spas & Patio hot tubs. The Aristech Acrylic brand has been a trusted supplier of acrylic sheets to the world’s leading brands for the manufacturing of spas, swim spas, and hot tubs.

Since its inception, the Aristech Acrylics brand has blended innovation, manufacturing expertise, and industry-leading customer service to establish itself as the preferred brand of acrylic sheets for OEMs, fabricators, and designers worldwide.


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