Chill Tub Lite

Introducing the all-new Chill Tubs Lite. Inspired by sleek design and crafted for lasting durability, it offers a more eco-conscious approach. Engineered for comfort, its stylish build seamlessly complements any indoor or outdoor setting. Embark on your ice bath recovery journey with the Chill Tubs Lite. Adjust the temperature to as low as 3 degrees without the need for ice. Plus, enjoy a complimentary insulated cover. Ideal for newcomers to cold water therapy, the Chill Tubs Lite is your perfect companion.

1 29.53 in
2 45.28 in
3 70.47 in
4 29.72 in


  • Check

    Antifreeze Function
    Prevents the formation of ice or frost

  • Check

    Power Supply
    15 Amp 110v 60hz

  • Check

    Roto Mould

  • Check

    Dry Weight
    187.39 lbs

  • Check

    Water Capacity
    105.67 gallons

  • Check

    Settings as low as 3 degrees

  • Check

    Hose pipe connection

Physical Benefits of Chill Tubs

Cold water therapy is a recovery technique used by athletes and individuals looking to reduce muscle soreness, improve recovery time, decrease inflammation and improve circulation.

  • Reduce muscle soreness

    Cold water immersion can help reduce muscle soreness by constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation.

  • Improve recovery time

    By reducing muscle soreness, a Chill Tub may help athletes recover faster and be ready for their next workout or competition.

  • Decrease inflammation

    Cold water immersion may help reduce inflammation in the body, which can be beneficial for individuals with chronic inflammation or inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

  • Improve circulation

    Cold water immersion can stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, which may help with recovery and reduce the risk of injury.

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Discover the Mental Benefits of Chill Tubs

  • 1Using the Chill Tub may help clear your mind, making you feel more alert and therefore productive.
  • 2A Chill Tub may provide you with a sense of calmness whilst reducing stress levels and reducing anxiety and depression symptoms.
  • 3Cold water therapy has been proven to help improve sleep quality due to melatonin being released, which induces sleep.

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