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Premium Collection Overview

Our top-tier hot tub collection represents the pinnacle of quality craftsmanship. At AZ Spas & Patio, we prioritize innovation and cutting-edge technology to craft our deluxe hot tubs, packed with an array of features aimed at elevating your relaxation and enriching your hot tub experience.

Within our premium selection, you’ll find fourteen luxurious hot tubs, each tailored to various preferences and demands, spanning from the cozy 3-seater Arizona to the spacious Maximus Hot Tub.

Platinum Spas Premium Collection - Arizona hot tub

Arizona Hot Tub

83.86″ × 64.96″ × 34.65″

Platinum Spas Premium Collection - Oslo hot tub

Oslo Hot Tub

90.55″ × 90.55″ × 37.40″

Platinum Spas Premium Collection - Topaz hot tub

Topaz Hot Tub

86.61″ × 61.42″ × 35.43″

Platinum Spas Premium Collection - Maximus hot tub

Maximus Hot Tub

102.36″ × 86.61″ × 37.01″

What Makes Our Premium Hot Tub Range Special?

Our premium hot tub collection boasts an array of built-in features tailored to enhance your relaxation and indulgence. Crafted from top-tier materials and components, our luxury hot tubs ensure a lavish retreat where you can unwind and rejuvenate in ultimate comfort.

Platinum Premium Shield

Our premium hot tubs come with the Platinum Premium Shield, utilizing advanced insulation to maximize heat retention, minimize loss, and hasten heating. Excess heat from pumps is repurposed, enhancing eco-friendliness and emphasizing its environmental benefits.

Platinum Liquid Effects

Enhancing our premium hot tub range is our Platinum Liquid Effects, a cutting-edge LED lighting system designed to illuminate your hot tub experience with an array of colors and lighting effects. Setting the perfect ambiance is essential for achieving that luxurious outdoor hot tub experience.

Platinum Melody

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with our premium hot tubs featuring the Platinum Melody system, seamlessly blending hydrotherapy with your favorite audio. Plus, enjoy outstanding sound quality and easy connectivity via the standard Bluetooth system.

Why Buy a Platinum Spas Premium Hot Tub?

Purchasing a premium hot tub from AZ Spas & Patio is an investment in your relaxation. Our luxurious features elevate your hot tub experience, transforming your garden into a haven of tranquility whether you’re enjoying it solo or with loved ones.

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