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Find the most popular selection of swim spas and hot tub combos in Mesa, Arizona when you visit our Mesa hot tub dealer, AZ Spas & Patio. With the most trusted brands on the market and financing available for all of our swim spas and patio furniture, you can get the most affordable options for all of your outdoor relaxation needs. Consult with our experienced hot tub dealers today to learn more about what kinds of hot tubs we sell!


150″ x 90″ x 50″


150″ x 90″ x 50″


174″ x 90″ x 56″


174″ x 90″ x 56″

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What sets AZ Spas & Patio apart from the rest is our affordable financing for hot tubs and swim spas, as well as our dedication to excellence in customer service. Not only can you visit our Mesa hot tub and swim spa store, but you can shop hot tubs online to find the best selection to fit your needs!

Ultimate fitness, Relaxation ANd Design

Ultimate FITNESS Swim Spa


Full range-of-motion swim strokes.

Ultimate RELAXATION Swim Spa


Heated-water hydrotherapy and jetted hydromassage.

Ultimate DESIGN Swim Spa


Innovative design for more comfort than conventional spas.

Ultimate ALL-ROUNDER Swim Spa


Enjoy exercise, rehabilitation, relaxation, and party time.

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We Deliver & Install Even The Largest Swim Spas

Our Mesa swim spa installers offer a wide range of swim spas for sale in our local Mesa hot tub shop. Not only can we ensure that you have the right swim spa to fit your needs, but we also deliver and install even the largest swim spas with no hassle and five star rated support and maintenance. Get the most cost-effective hot tub options when you visit AZ Spas & Patio and our trusted team of Gilbert swim spa dealers. Visit our showroom today to find the perfect hot tub for your home.

Wide Variety Of Swim Spa Sizes In Mesa

Wide Variety Of Swim Spa Sizes In Mesa

Get a variety of swim spas in a wide range of sizes to fit your patio to a tee. Get fun, relaxation, and style, all in one with our swim spas for sale in Mesa that come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Brand-Certified ATV Swim Spas In Mesa

Brand-Certified Swim Spas In Mesa

When you’re looking for the fitness benefits of a swimming pool without the size and maintenance restrictions, get brand-certified swim spas in Mesa when you visit AZ Spas & Patio.

Pricing for Outdoor Swim Spas In Mesa AZ

Pricing for Outdoor Swim Spas In Mesa AZ

You can get fitness, relaxation, and style with outdoor swim spas in Mesa when you get an affordable hot tub from AZ Spas & Patio! Visit our Gilbert hot tub dealer today to learn more!

Find Clearance Swim Spas & Special Deals

Find Clearance Swim Spas & Special Deals

Our goal at AZ Spas & Patio is to provide you with affordable rates for swim spas, and we offer a wide range of clearance swims spas and special deals to ensure you get the best price possible!

Buy A Swim Spa for Your Mesa AZ Home

Buy A Swim Spa for Your Mesa AZ Home

When you want to buy a swim spa for your home in Mesa, AZ Spas & Patio has the largest selection of brand certified hot tubs, all at the right price to fit your budget! Contact us today!

Swim Spa Financing Available In Mesa

Swim Spa Financing Available In Mesa

Making sure you don’t exceed your budget is our top priority at AZ Spas & Patio, and with swim spa financing available in Mesa, we can help you find the perfect hot tub for the perfect price!


AZ Spas & Patio is a #1 retailer of Mesa hot tubs and swim spas in Arizona, offering the widest selection on these stunning, immersive tools. Swim spas offer a wealth of benefits such as a full range of motion for the ultimate fitness experience and heated water hydrotherapy and jetted hydromassage to give you comfort and relaxation. Swim spas are also created with innovative design techniques to give you the utmost comfort. Contact our Mesa swim spa sales representatives at AZ Spas & Patio to learn more!


The V150 and V150W’s hybrid configurations provide added versatility, while retaining the sophisticated construction and hydrodynamics present in other swim spa models. Regardless of the model you choose, you’ll have the pleasure of year-round exercise, rehabilitation, relaxation, and social enjoyment.


Complete range-of-motion strokes, fixed-position leg kicks, resistance band exercises, rowing, low-impact step workouts, stretches, and warm-water aerobics can all be achieved. Adjust your body posture to focus on various muscles, from horizontal swimming to upright aerobic activities and seated strength exercises. Each model features hydrotherapy massage seats, ideal for warming up before exercises and recovery afterward. The V150W swim and workout vessel has four seats, while the V150 swim spa and party vessel boasts eight.

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Add luxury, relaxation, and wellness to your patio with top-rated swim spas for sale in Mesa at AZ Spas & Patio. Hot tubs and swims spas can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, and with a wide range of affordable options to choose from you can find cost effective Mesa swim spas for sale so that you can enjoy all the health benefits our hot tubs and swim spas have to offer. With a variety of styles and top-rated brands to choose from, you can find the perfect selection for your patio. Our five star swim spa dealers have over 50 years of experience helping homeowners choose the perfect swim spa, or hot tub for their home.

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