Reduce Your Tension Headaches With a Daily Bath In Your Backyard Swim Spa

Living with frequent headaches makes daily life difficult and can interfere with work, family, and hobbies. It may be almost impossible to enjoy time with your family and friends, to exercise, advance your career, or maintain an active lifestyle. For some people, there’s no easy remedy or treatment. Persistent headaches have a wide variety of causes, including stress, poor sleep, nutritional deficiencies, and other lifestyle factors. Modern treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers can help relieve the symptoms, but when headaches recur frequently, you’ll know that these products have not addressed the root cause of the headaches.

If the cause of your headaches is due to lifestyle challenges, daily soaks in a hot tub are one way you may be able to help reduce tension in your muscles, improve sleep, and begin a more active lifestyle. While a soak in Mesa hot tubs won’t directly alleviate headache symptoms, it can be a very beneficial part of a headache treatment regimen by reducing many of the problems that create headaches in the first place. This may reduce the frequency of headaches and promote overall wellness.

How a Backyard Swim Spa Can Contribute to Headache Pain Relief

How do Hot Tubs Help with Headaches?

It’s important to understand that hot tubs usually do not provide pain relief for headaches. Where a swim spa really shines is by helping to reduce the causes of tension headaches. Stress is the mostly common trigger for headaches, and a relaxing soak in a hot tub is a very effective way to reduce daily stress.

Hot tubs provide stress relief in several ways. From a physical standpoint, the tub’s warm water helps muscles to relax so that the body feels an overall sense of relaxation. The built in massage jets in a Jacuzzi work along with the warmth of the water to soothe tight muscles and release knots while the buoyancy of the water promotes a feeling of weightlessness and relieves pressure on the joints.

Mesa swim spas offer effective stress relief in other ways, too. Soaking in a hot tub is the perfect time to take a break from phones, tablets, and computers, which can add to the daily demands of work and personal obligations. When you get to take some time away from these tension-inducing devices, your mind has the opportunity to slow down and recharge. To promote further relaxation, Mesa swim spas include calming lights, soothing waterfalls or fountains, and options for relaxing music.

Ongoing Benefits from Regular Hot Tub Soaks

Just one soak provides immediate relaxation, but short daily soaks have a cumulative effect. In addition to reducing long term stress, daily soaks in a Jacuzzi will help prevent tension from beginning in the first place. You’ll find that your hot tub becomes a favorite part of your daily routine and reduces your stress and anxiety. Since tension headaches tend to be a recurring problem from built-up stress, using your hot tub routinely can really help reduce their frequency.

Getting sufficient sleep is a great way to reduce the frequency of tension headaches. However, this can be easier said than done! A short soak in a Mesa hot tub promotes better sleep by raising the body temperature slightly. When you get out of the tub, your body temperature will decrease slightly, which mimics the body’s natural design of cooling down a few degrees as it settles to sleep.

Hot Tubs Promote an Active Lifestyle

Building a hot tub soak into your day will promote a healthier and more active lifestyle, which is not only beneficial physically, but is another way to help reduce tension headaches. When you add morning or evening soak (or both!) into your daily schedule, you’ll create an excellent opportunity to build other health routines into your life. Many people like to add a short, brisk walk or another form of exercise into their day, followed immediately by relaxing in their Mesa swim spa. Others choose to combine low impact exercise with relaxation by stretching or doing yoga while relaxing in their hot tub. Regular exercise can also help your body sleep better, so the benefits of a hot tub for reducing tension headaches are multiplied.

There’s no guaranteed method to completely eliminate tension headaches, but many people will find that using their Mesa swim spa on a regular basis will help them reduce life stress, sleep better, and become more active. When you slip into a warm tub, you’ll unwind and feel better every day.

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