A Helpful Guide To Hot Tub Maintenance

Keep your hot tub water clean and clear with these fast, easy tips! Ensuring that your hot tub water stays clean not only makes your hot tub look and smell appealing, but also prevents the growth of potentially harmful microorganisms. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to eliminate bacteria growth so that you can relax and enjoy the bubbles without worrying about the safety or cleanliness of your Mesa swim spa.

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Essential Steps For Ensuring Clean & Clear Hot Tub Water

There are several steps that are essential for clear and clean hot tub water:

  • Maintaining proper alkalinity
  • Maintaining balanced pH levels
  • Regular water replacement
  • Routine filter replacement
  • Consistent levels of sanitization products

Tips To Achieve Clean Clear Hot Tub Water

Filtration and sanitizing are the two fundamental basics for ensuring that your hot tub’s water stays clean. You’ll also need to regularly test the pH levels of the water and replace the water occasionally to keep your hot tub safe and ready to use.

Testing The Water

It’s important that your Gilbert swim spa maintains proper alkalinity, which can be tested with test strips from your local retailer. Ideal alkalinity is between 80 and 120 PPM. When alkaline levels are high, swim spa disinfectants may not work properly, resulting in cloudy water, eye and skin irritation, and the formation of algae or scale in your hot tub. Low alkalinity levels indicate the need for an alkalinity booster to get your water up to the ideal levels. When alkaline levels are balanced, it’s more difficult for bacteria and algae to grow in your hot tub.

Maintaining Proper pH Levels

There’s a science to maintaining clean, clear water in your hot tub. pH levels refer to how acidic or base a solution is. Checking the pH levels of your water with a test strip tells you how acidic or base your water is so that the correct level of sanitizing solution and alkalinizing solution can be used. The ideal pH levels is 7.2. When pH levels are too low, or acidic, the water can corrode the internal plumbing and even cause damage to the hot tub itself. Anyone who sits in the water may suffer from skin or eye irritation. pH levels above 7.2 are considered too basic, and will result in cloudy water and eye irritation. Once you’ve determined the water’s pH levels with testing strips, you can add a solution to appropriately increase or decrease the pH levels so that they balanced, which will promote clear water and a comfortable, relaxing hot tub experience.

Regular Water Changes

It’s recommended to drain and refill your Mesa hot tub every few months to prevent chemical buildup and bacterial growth. This is also the perfect opportunity to wash the tub’s walls and floor to maintain its cleanliness and promote a relaxing environment for soaking. It’s also a good time to clean out the plumbing lines and replace the filter to ensure that your hot tub is filtering and functioning efficiently.

Routine Water Filtration

Water movement is essential to maintain its cleanliness, because stagnant water will become unsafe to use unless it is properly filtered. The pumps in your Mesa Jacuzzi work to keep the water fresh so it is ready for soaking and relaxing. Each model will have its own filtration requirements, which typically include constantly low speed filtration. Most hot tub filters remove particle matter as small as five microns, which is 1/14 of the size of a human hair. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for guidance on how frequently your hot tub’s filter should be replaced.

Hot Tub Sanitization

Sanitizing the water in your hot tub eliminates the bacteria and viruses that thrive in warm, still water. Because these living organisms are extremely small and invisible to the naked eye, you won’t be able to look at the water to see if it needs sanitizing; filtration, testing, and water movement is crucial to keep the water in your Mesa hot tub clean and clear. Chlorine and bromine are the most commonly recommended sanitizing products. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so ask your retailer which sanitization method they recommend for your situation.

Soak Up Clean & Clear Water In Your Mesa Swim Spa

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