A swim spa makes for a unique addition to your Arizona home. It’s like a pool in that you can swim for long distances. However, the spa doesn’t have still water. Instead, it has a running current that allows you to basically swim in place while still feeling like you are pushing forward. Yet the swim spa doesn’t take up as much room as a pool. It is compact, like a hot tub except bigger. You can enjoy one in your home without having to take up too much square footage or too much yard space.

But those aren’t all the benefits of a swim spa in Arizona. There are actually many health benefits to using a swim spa. Here are just five of the incredible health benefits that you can enjoy:

5 Incredible Health Benefits of a Swim Spa

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Running and swimming are two of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do. In a swim spa, you can swim for miles (if you can hack it) without ever having to leave your back yard. You can get in a little routine exercise to improve your cardiovascular health, or you can push yourself to meet bigger goals like competing in a triathlon.

A swim spa also gives you a better workout than just swimming in a pool or a lake since it provides a current to swim against. You can quickly build your cardiovascular health in a swim spa, and with increased cardiovascular health, you will have better overall health.

Improve Strength

Swimming is a total-body workout. It uses muscles throughout your body. You need your core muscles to stabilize yourself, and you need your arm and leg muscles to propel yourself. Typically, the weight of the water is enough to improve your strength. However, in a Mesa swim spa, you get a current that provides additional force and helps you build your strength even faster.

Swimming in a spa puts less strain on your body than lifting free weights or using weight machines, so you are less likely to be injured. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy a fun workout while building your strength seamlessly.

Rehabilitate and Recover

If you injure yourself, you won’t be able to do most exercise. Yet if you don’t exercise, your body will get weak and will not recover as quickly (or fully). Working out in a swim spa gives you the option to rehabilitate your body with a low-impact exercise that still strengthens your muscles.

You can also recover from an intense workout in a swim spa. The low-impact movement and the smooth massage of the water can alleviate sore and tired muscles.

Detox and Improve Immunity

The rhythmic movement of swimming in a swim spa can improve your circulation and promote lymphatic system drainage. With that improved circulation and drainage, your body will get rid of harmful toxins and other unnecessary byproducts, which will improve your overall health. At the same time, those processes will improve your immune system so you are sick less overall and you feel stronger and more energetic overall.

Relieve Stress

Stress causes your body to become tense, and that tension can make you feel worse and compound your stress. Even resting in a swim spa and feeling the current massage your muscles can help you to relax and relieve stress. The water will seem to melt the tension away. You can come home and sit for 15-20 minutes and feel the cares of your day flow away.

Relieving stress is not just about feeling better. Stress is toxic. Over time, stress can cause all kinds of health problems, so relieving stress is an important way of protecting your health.

Adding a swim spa to your home can give you a lot of options for health benefits at home. At the same time, a swim spa can give you a place to relax and entertain guests, and it can increase the value of your home.

AZ Spas and Patio can help you select the perfect swim spa for your home. We offer an extensive selection of some of the top brands for swim spas, so we can help you find the perfect spa to suit your preferences and fit your budget. Contact us in Arizona today to start exploring your options and to find the perfect spa for your home.

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